Highlighted Athlete


    This is the first edition of the Diabetic Athlete’s corner. I hope that this page will soon come to feature many diabetic athlete’s and their stories. For this addition I thought that it would be appropriate to tell my story. I am seventeen years old, and have had Type 1 diabetes for 7 years. I have played football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and run cross-country and track. I’ve had my ups and my downs dealing with the challenges of being diabetic and participating in sports. Being an athlete with diabetes means being focused and having a positive attitude toward life.

    My favorite sports are soccer and cross country. Through soccer I have traveled to places like Denver, Chicago, and Kansas City. I started running the same year I became diabetic. Running became the means in which I could control my blood sugars/ i.e. my life.

    I decided to create this web page in an attempt to bring diabetic athletes together. In the middle of hard training I sometimes like to complain about my diet and my sugars, but teammates don’t always understand. Sometimes there are questions and complaints that can only be shared by other diabetics. This web page has been established as a forum for that purpose.

Please send any stories to maddman3@hotmail.com